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I really ENJOY this app 👍🏽. 😎



Just a platform for hate

This was once a fun app but now it’s all just political and anti homosexual hate!!! Really sad!!!

Awesome and FUNNY

BuzzFeed Video emphasizes funny videos, all condensed into one app. Amazing!


Some days when life it down, I look at so of these funny videos and it brings me out of my down feeling. Thank you

Very funny

Good laughs

I love buzz

I love these videos

Great videos all the time I’ve really enjoyed BuzzVideo thank you!

The best videos here at BuzzVideo!


This is ten times better than vine


I love the buzz videos


Good, very easy and great for your own quick way!


Banned people’s accounts for no reason. Without explanation!


There are a lot of racist comments on a lot of the videos...Sad!!!

Search botton

Search button would make it awesome but I’m new to the app maybe I just don’t see it




It’s ok

Reliable application with decent content

One of the few video apps that can make you cry and laugh within a few minutes of each other.

Good laughter is serious stuff

Thank you for the eye opening serious stuff and the funny laugh to I cry funny stuff. I feel like a fool for taking so long to download the App so many of my friends continue to send me the link Thank you

Definitely different content!

Great unique sometimes unbelievable content..

I love Top buzz!

I watch these videos all day long in between my breaks at work at home when I get off during leisure time I love watching this app it brings me a lot of good me time to the table thanks top buzz!!!

Top buzz

Videos help pass the time

Excellent app

I love it

Interesting content, trolls are OUT OF CONTROL though

This is a fun time waster when you have a minute or two here or there. Lots of content to choose from, from heartwarming videos of puppies, to natural disasters, extreme sports, to news clips about violence...definitely a mixed bag, but that means you will find something of interest to you. However, the comments are CRAWLING with low-life trolls who have nothing better to do than spout off incredibly racist, raunchy and sexually explicit comments or otherwise bullying comments. The comments often sit there for months, RARELY get removed, and the users posting that garbage are not banned, or if they are, simply pop up again under a new profile. Users are also allowed to have usernames and profile pics that are clearly racist or sexual in nature, and BuzzFeed does not one thing about it. It would otherwise be a 5 Star app if not for BuzzFeed’s blatant ignoring of the ongoing bullying occurring on under their noses. It is especially disturbing when you consider that some of the people posting videos on BuzzFeed are minors, and they too become targets for bullying in their videos’ comment section. 😭

Good time killer

Love the app. Only thing wish search for what you want.


Nice break from a busy day. A little chuckle is good for everyone and this gets a chuckle really, really, quick.

Excellent videos fuera de serie

Me da mucha información

Boas video

Me gusta mucho



Super entertaining & the perfect time killer

If I’m ever having a bad day, I open up this app and press Funny then I proceed to laugh until my stomach hurts. Every video is good and worth watching. I really really really like this app and I’m glad I downloaded it. Keep the videos coming, Buzz Video! And if you’re contemplating downloading it, just do it. You won’t be disappointed!

Talking Cat


Too much trump and old videos

Way too many trump videos and the videos aren’t funny like they used to be

Pure Entertainment

This is by far my favorite app and I am totally hooked. There is something for everyone on here. Anything and everything you can think of, and it’s up to date with everything that is news. Killer App!

Great app

It is a great app but I wish there was a way to edit posts and comments otherwise a great app




Love it


This place always has guest 🙈😀🙉


The best

Never pay

I like the app but they don’t pay me anything, I have a lot of viewers and likes and comments but never pay me . I have 97k viewers 2.7k likes but no pay ??


Overall I love buzzfeeed. But it’s SO IRRITATING when the title DOESNT MATCH THE VIEDO. 😡😡😡happens too much


I have never had an app that allowed me to enjoy so many videos & they’re ALL GREAT. LOVE this app. Keep them coming

Love it!

Addictive. Spend hours on this thing when I’m suppose to be catching up on my shows.

Me gusta Una aplicación k informan todo

Se las recomiendo

Full screen

On any other app I can flip my phone sideways and get a full screen view, not with buzz video


This app has changed everything I can watch hilarious videos 24/7 I love this app add morefunnyVIDEOS

Awesome app!

Best app I’ve had in a while!!!

It’s very interesting and informative

Christian videos and related quotes, etc

I’m really impressed by all the Christian videos, quotes, music and other related information. I love buzz videos, etc. BuzzVideo is awesome and I am able to send to friends and family. Thank you so much!


Need to put a search bar to find vids

Nice app to watch video clips

Good app

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