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I like it allot

Wow cool

This site is awesome and real funny and creative


This is a good app if you like to watch virtual videos


I am so glad I found this site,I have enjoyed this so much thanks

Funny section

It’s very funny stuff. I love black comedians.


Interesting stories. Enjoy catching up.


Love it funny, sad and more

I love but can’t share

My biggest issue with this app is sharing videos requires others to download the app and most everyone I send to is android users or not going to download app

Love the videos

I’ve really enjoyed this app and all the videos that I’ve watched

Awesome hilarious and weird

It’s most coolest thing I downloaded on my phone where is my mom at it now I have




Love it so much

Amazing information, very informative

Some of the videos are “wow”

As long as you guys keep it real , it’s all good...


Keeps me entertained..

Better than cable

Music 🎶 is beautiful

All the talent the children have great voices 😄


Yeah you got a good video Lotta good stuff thank you thank you very much

Search field

Just downloaded this app and I love seeing the videos. However the only thing that I see missing from here is a search field. What if you wanted to go back and look at a video that you didn’t like? It is gone. That would be the one feature missing.

No thanks

The video titles are misleading, some cut off before the good stuff happens and to watch certain video you have to download another app. I’ll stick with YouTube

Top buzz

Really cool but some of the stuff Is false

Wonderful Articles

Love the wellness videos

Pop up

When a video pops up on FB n I click on it I want it to show up when it redirects me to the app!

My review

Everything was great & at times I got emotional because it touched my heart. Sometimes I laughed until I peed my pants. Your doing a great job & pls keep it up.


I love it

No focal point

Too many videos don’t make sense. Don’t show an ending or the purpose of even filming something.


It’s good I like it and I like what they show

Amazing app

This is a great entertaining app where I can find I wide variety of funny videos to serious relevant issues . I can’t get enough of this app. This is definitely highly recommended by me for anyone of all ages.

Update App.

I needs to be a better app like YouTube.

This app is worth having

Quick videos very entertaining

I like the Fights

Ya got a lot of that on here

Awesome app!!!!!!

Like all the different videos on just about everything y’all put on here. Great job to you all and thanks

Best app ever

When I first opened this app I instantly loved it

Videos cómicos

Son fantásticos y me hacen reír siempre, gracias amigos.

Buzz video

Hi I’m glad that you come along because I do enjoy the videos, thank you very much never stop the videos. ✌🏽👍🏻

funny videos 💯⚡️🤣😳and Shocking too Enjoy

definitely one great App, folks are caught doing crazy and Wild things, Enjoy


Some of the Best Ish I’ve seen


Very nice Pergram

Chat locs @ firblock

Love watching the DIY videos most, the animals hunting for food second rest videos too

Great App!

Please add 15s FF/REW!


Funny - love animals videos

Big Mikie the Bikie

I really like the variety of videos

Awesome videos

Great to get a laugh and past time happy with app wish I got it a long time ago but having fun watching thank you.

Perfecta aplicación

Me gusta mucho por que siempre hay nuevos videos y esta los videos más visto en actualidad perfecta aplicación de las recomiendo.

By lovers

I love you


Always fun to watch

Bueno lo recomiendo úselo esta chevere ok

Te vas a divertir


When I open the app I never know what to expect, but have never not been amazed by the videos.


When things are building up on me like life . I can always trust BuzzVideo is there for me. And a good laugh soon to follow! Than you the BuzzVideo 😎

Really a cool app

Keeps me interested all the time lol


Can’t just watch one video... I can watch for hours!

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