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I watch lots of gifs a try not to laugh and there the best I also like to watch the “to catch a cheater” episodes

You Tube

Your app is a lot like You Tube except a little more convenient.

The app stop working on my phone.

It was amazing have this app until a couple of days a go. It just stop working. I uninstall it and installed back and keep doing the same thing. Uninstall it again and when I was trying to download it back again there was a message on my screen saying that the app can’t be downloaded. Again: WAS AMAZING TO HAVE IT!!!


BuzzVideos are Great!!

Thank you!

Best entertainment on line! Excellent!

Auto refresh

Is there a way to turn off auto refresh? I love the app but hates when it does that. I’ll give more stars when it’s fixed.

Videos do not finish

I watch music videos like The Voice, etc. You get into the music and it stops before the end of the song. Very aggravating.

Amazing app!!

Must have! Try it out, you won’t be disappointed

Longer recording time

Please I what to do vlogs be I can’t the time is to short please make it as long as they what to

Better than YouTube

The Buzz has everything you need and without silly commercials. Just what I love to watch on my down time. Who needs the movies?? 😳


It’s awesome , stuff I find out that has not come across fb & gives me a chance to share with who I want to share with

Happy endings

I enjoy finding out that there are people willing to do things good deeds for good people in need I wish I knew such people being that I was placed in a shelter due to toxic mold exposure abuse causing other illness stopping from working after 29 yrs I can relate to those situations Wedding ceremony dances were wonderful the happiness These videos made me cry and smile and say there is hope in the world Sincerely Clare Murphy

Volume display is annoying

It’s a great app that shows a variety of videos but I can’t stand the display when adjusting the volume. It gets in the way of enjoying the videos, especially the really short videos. Please update the volume display to OS 11 in iPhone

Time Fillers

When you’re bored or have nothing to to at the moment. Buzz is a great place to fill the void.


Really great videos!! Info is very useful!!


Enjoy the clips always

Love it

Always truly enjoyable



Privacy features are’re giving your info away!

Nearly impossible to fully disconnect your email and Facebook profiles. The videos are great but considering all of your info is headed straight to the company in China, I’d be weary of linking any of your personal information to the app.

I'm really enjoying TopBuzz App But..

I recommend your good work, best App among all but I find it unfair that the recent post of my videos and articles doesn't receive impressions or clicks. I believe in TopBuzz, Can You fix this! I give you 5 star


Cool stuff

Great ap

Has funny videos


Love to watch the video on BuzzVideo

La mejor

La mejor aplicación para divertirnos reflexionar compartir la recomiendo

Interesting reality videos

This ap has the best real videos in my opinion. It’s not totally jammed packed with young wannabe actors posting everyday looking to get rich quick. It does have several set up videos , mainly pranks or hidden camera type but buzz video seems to be selective in showing only good ones . I like the way the videos are just listed right on the front page and goes down for as long as u could watch . I don’t have to search for anything, I can just watch them in order , skipping only a few here and there but most of the videos are worth watching . The comments on the videos are a waste of space and time . They cause arguments between mindless immature kids with strong opinions on topics they prolly know nothing about . They also cause the people in the video or the person who posted the video to be insulted , Ridiculed, negatively criticized by thousands of strangers who have nothing better to do but insight hate over the internet . BUZZ VIDEO IS COOL, BUT THE COMMENT SECTION NEEDS TO BE ELIMINATED!

Good un.

Very good app, keep em coming.


Some of the videos are really funny and I get a good vibe and I like it...

Tiene una variedad de videos realmente fantásticos y amenos

Muy instructiva esta aplicación




Blah blah


Easy to use every thing you didn’t know you wanted to watch.

The Rod

Always funny n real n on point

Sound control issues

The app is pretty good but I have trouble getting the sound to work as it conflicts with other app and there is no easy way to control it that I can find

Best video

Best of the best video and update #BUZZVIDEO noting better than the BUZZ #1


I like the app but get so annoyed that they are not dated. I have watched many videos only to find they are months old therefore the info is really outdated! How difficult to add a “post date”?

Funny as hell.

I love the mike rice interviews


Love this show

This is one of the best hip hop news reporters out

Absolutely on time


HEaVy user! Thug LiFe

Great app BUT!

Great app but come on please fix the fake titles this app has the ability to be amazing! Just the adds and fake news is killing it. I hope this gets fixed....

Tweeting news

Get u da latest up to date news thats relevant shout out to buzz app


I like it allot

Wow cool

This site is awesome and real funny and creative


This is a good app if you like to watch virtual videos


I am so glad I found this site,I have enjoyed this so much thanks

Funny section

It’s very funny stuff. I love black comedians.


Interesting stories. Enjoy catching up.


Love it funny, sad and more

I love but can’t share

My biggest issue with this app is sharing videos requires others to download the app and most everyone I send to is android users or not going to download app

Love the videos

I’ve really enjoyed this app and all the videos that I’ve watched

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